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The Large Munsterlander Association of Canada (LMAC)

LMAC commits to maintaining the Large Munsterlander (LM) as a dog for hunters, their families and ethical hunting. The Large Munsterlander is a long-haired versatile hunting dog, developed in Germany, which has been bred to performance standards in North America for over 40 years.

LMCNA (Large Munsterlander Club of North America) which was founded in Alberta in 1977. It was incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act of Canada in 1999, and its name changed to LMAC in 2014.

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This web page was first mounted in October 2011 and last updated on April 13, 2024 by Sheila Schmutz.

Newsletter The Spring 2024 newsletter was emailed on March 24, 2024. Please submit articles, photos, etc. for the Summer Newsletter to John Staley (jsmunster@gmail.com) by June 10.

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LMAC Breeders

Some of these kennels have not breed a litter recently, or have retired from breeding, but are shown here so that owners of pups in the past have their current contact information.

  • Bear Hills Kennel (2008-2015)
    • Byron and Kaley Pugh, British Columbia as of summer 2018
  • Cariboo Kennel (2006-2013)
    • Gerhard Loeffeler, Canim Lake, British Columbia, Canada 250-397-2826 e-mail gerhard@loeffeler.org
  • Dogwood Hill Kennel (1982-1989)
    • The late Helmut and Rita Merkel of Vancouver Island, BC
  • Eagle Rock Kennel (2016-
    • John & Janice Staley, 338 Green River Circle, Evanston, Wyoming 82930 801-725-3689 e-mail jsmunster@gmail.com
    • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jsmunste
  • Jägermatt Kennel (1987-1991)
    • Ilse and Mike Vallee of Quebec
  • Manapi Kennel (2009-2010)
    • Clint & Colleen, RR3, Prince Albert, SK 306-764-1892 e-mail c-r@sasktel.net
  • Muddy Waters Kennel (2002-
    • Rick & Sheri Hallwyler, 12401 S Casto Rd, Oregon City, Oregon 97045 503-651-1884 e-mail hooch@teleport.com
  • Northwind Kennel (1998-2002)
    • Francois Messier of Saskatoon, SK
  • Prairie Fire Kennel (2018-
    • Tracy Fisher and Rick Espie, Regina, SK 306-530-7797 e-mail sturm1@sasktel.net
  • Prairie Sky Kennel (2003-
    • Lynn Oliphant & Rhonda Shewfelt, Box 80 Site 60 RR6, Saskatoon, SK S7K 3J9 306-374-1068 e-mail rhonda.shewfelt@usask.ca or lynn.oliphant@usask.ca
  • SaskElkana Kennel (2004-2007)
    • Vance Lester and Sue Echlin, Box 32, Perdue, Sask. S0K 3C0 306-290-1693 cell e-mail vlester2@yahoo.com
  • Sunnynook Kennel (1977-
      • Josef & Sheila Schmutz, R. R. 2 Site 202 Box 123, Saskatoon, Sask. S7K 3J5 306-382-8964 e-mail joe.schmutz@usask.ca or sheila.schmutz@usask.ca

Registration Criteria

Performance Requirements for Breeding LMs

All LMs in North America that were eligible for breeding in LMCNA® as of Dec. 31, 2011 will continue to be eligible to breed until they are 10 years of age (see list of eligible sires) in LMAC. From January 1, 2012 to June 30, 2020 LMs registered by LMAC could be registered in the standard fashion or in the Original Stream.

Based on the LMAC Bylaws of July 1, 2020, to be eligible to breed a dam or sire:

Breeders who plan to have a litter or have pups to be registered by LMAC should contact the LMAC Registrar, Derek Oderkirk.

Please direct general questions about the content of this page to: e-mail