LMAC Progeny Performance Awards since 2011

This webpage was last updated on March 16, 2024

Successful dog breeding requires diverse contributions, including:

Progeny Performance Awards are made by LMAC annually to the owners of the dam and sire for all litters with 4 or more pups passing a pup level test, such as NAVHDA's Natural Ability Test (NAT) or VHDF's Hunting Aptitude Evaluation (HAE). The owner of the dam must be a LMAC member, but the sire may be from any country and a member or not of any LM club.

LMAC Progeny Performance Awards. The year, kennels, the litters and numbers of owners involved were:

Year Awarded Kennel Litter Dam Sire Pups/Owners
2023 Sunnynook J2 Krokus von Kleinenkneten Aiko von Sundorph 8
2021 Sunnynook I2 Krokus von Kleinenkneten Sunnynook's Fergus 4
2020 Prairie Fire A Muddy Waters' Dora Aiko von Sundorph 6
2018 Sunnynook G2 Sunnynook's Bobwhite Sunnynook's Cue 4
2018 Sunnynook F2 Sunnynook's Zenaida Otus von Ahler Esch 4
2016 Muddy Water D Muddy Waters' Calypso "Roxy" Otus von Ahler Esch 4
2015 Sunnynook B2 Sunnynook's Ulna Till von St. Vit "Remy" 5
2013 Sunnynook Y Fauna vom Algäuer Tor Muddy Waters Buteo 4
2012 Sunnynook X Sunnynook's Ulna Muddy Waters Buteo 4
2011 Bear Hills B Sunnynook's Siskin SaskElkana's Bones 7
2011 Muddy Waters C Muddy Waters Athena "Buffy" SaskElkana's Bones 7

Congratulations and pat-on-heads to all!

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